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Established in 1945 by Sigurður Snælandi Grímsson and family, Snæland Grímsson ehf. has become a distinguished name in Icelandic tourism. With over seven decades of experience, we take pride in offering exceptional personal service, underpinned by our in-depth knowledge of Iceland's tourism industry. Our enduring partnerships with select Icelandic tourism providers and collaborations with leading European travel agencies highlight our commitment to excellence.

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Snæland Travel is seeking dedicated drivers who embody the spirit of our brand. Our drivers are more than just operators; they're ambassadors, exemplifying professionalism, maintaining impeccable cleanliness, and providing unparalleled service to our passengers.
Tour Guides
If you're passionate about unveiling the magic of Iceland, we invite you to join us. We're looking for knowledgeable guides eager to share deep insights into Iceland's society, culture, history, and natural wonders. Help us ensure that travelers enjoy a truly memorable and enriching journey.
Travel Agency Roles
Oversee the complexities of trip management, including coordination with suppliers for bookings, handling invoicing, and managing reservations for our global clientele.
Involved in creating, selling, and marketing tours. Cultivate and develop new business relationships. Handle pricing strategies, prepare quotes and sales pitches, and design comprehensive travel itineraries for individual travelers, groups, and international travel agencies.

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